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HEALTH In Balance

HEALTH in Balance is not a program; it is a lifestyle. This is food styling personified that hooks its teeth into the multifaceted needs of the consumer.  Learning to listen to the body is key here.  The body gives us prompts in the forms of desire verses need.  What is common and usual can become a contradiction to your body's physical and emotional requirements. Deprivation, excess, moderation, variety and exercise are all equally important.
To put this in perspective we are more than taste buds, calorie counters and diet mongers. We are supreme organic vehicles spanning millennia of conscious creation. Our food is the fuel that is a tender transceiver of everything that sun, earth and air can contribute. As we recognize the purpose, place and energy of foods, be it medicinal or otherwise, then we can apply this knowledge as it pertains to our health and wellbeing.  Becoming in-tune with your body and building your awareness of nature's harmony can offer a sense of peace, joy and lightness.
When you try a new food or a new way of combining nutritional elements, you tell your mind and your body that there is more to choose from when it is looking for nourishment, energy and healing.  This is in essence the expansion of your food vocabulary.  As in a verbal vocabulary, ones expression can create avenues for vast communication. The food vocabulary mirrors this in such a way as to blend color, texture, taste and content with the nutritional resources of the foods we consume.  “HEALTH in Balance” will be your aid by expanding your food vocabulary and introducing you to nature's healing code.
We live our lives by enjoying all of the foods that the world and its cultures have to offer.  Because of this we have to constantly seek the remedy to the tipping point of excess.  We limit ourselves to reaching that excess.  The way we do that is by not limiting what we eat but limiting the frequency.  Therefore we can have a hamburger and french fries without feeling guilty because we offset the consumption of toxic foods by adding more healthful foods. Take any of our recipes and you will see that we are not pigeonholed into any particular culinary approach.  We happily embrace all foods, all cultures, and promote the use of healthy, appropriate substitutions where nature permits. 
HEALTH in Balance is about achieving physical and emotional balance. A body balance that for some may be a "detox to retox" approach and for others with chronic disease the HEALTH in Balance lifestyle would dictate a more strict adherence to daily consumption of the curative foods suggested in our books.
Achieving the goal of a quality life is rooted deeply in our awareness of food application.
The culinary choices of today help sculpt a balanced health outlook for tomorrow. Therefore, we are in fact the living, breathing animated proof that we are what and when we choose to eat. Come with us on an amazing journey.  You will experience “HEALTH in Balance”!


Friday September 22, 2017