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Our culinary journey through life's changes enriched with the balanced principals of ancient Chinese traditions.

Sometimes people get confused about Juice & Essence. Is it a diet? Is it medicine? Is it Vegetarian or Vegan? Juice & Essence is a Movement, not a diet. It IS medicine in the truest, most basic form: therapy in the food we eat. The Juice & Essence Movement aims to heal through creative uses of food from a multicultural world. We believe you can balance your health and enjoy your life with the recipes here. The flow of energy and ideas is at the core of the Juice & Essence Movement--a natural flow that leaves us feeling as if we are sometimes just vehicles of transmission for these out-of-this-world creations! Back on Earth, we ground all our recipes with moderation and balance. Natural ingredients are chosen for their healing and therapeutic properties. We have a lot of fun cooking, and hope our love and spirit come through when you create this special food.

Our Journey

“Healthful Cuisine for the Connoisseur”

In the beginning, Juice & Essence was going to be a cookbook based on the seasons. Each season we would 
be using the freshest ingredients in creative ways. It has since evolved, as we have in our cooking, to include
 a more holistic approach. With each dish we have created, the health benefits of the ingredients we have used have come shining through. This inspired us to include references in each recipe of the many healthy attributes associated with the dish. There will be a comprehensive reference chapter that will explain in detail how each of the attributes benefits your health. In the end, we hope to create not only a delicious and visually appealing cookbook, but one that will also be used as a reference for better health through food.

Our Story Begins


Just over two years ago, I had an irregular Pap test. Six months later, another irregular Pap test. At that time, my gynecologist performed a colposcopy. The results showed “mild dysplasia”. I was told there was no real concern and they will repeat the Pap test in another six months. Well that test also had the same result. Again, I was told to come back in six months. When that test also came back irregular, my doctor recommended a cone biopsy of the cervix. She expressed that she did not feel that we would find anything since I had no other symptoms. She felt that the biopsy would remove the irregular tissue and that would take care of everything. My other option was to wait another six months and repeat the Pap test. By nature, I am proactive where my health is concerned so I chose to have the biopsy.

My gynecologist called me with the results. She said she had good news and bad news and that I could choose which I heard first. I told her to choose because it is never good when the doctor herself calls you at 7:15pm! She said: “The bad news is that you have cancer. The good news is that we caught it.” It was a good thing I did not choose to wait another six months. My outcome would have been very different since I had the aggressive type of cervical cancer. Thank God my doctor wanted to be safe rather than sorry and gave me the option to have the biopsy!

Then the “ists”, as I like to refer to all of the specialists, began:

From the Gynecologist to the Oncologist, the Internist, the Radiologist, the Pathologist, the Endocrinologist, the Psychologist and of course, most importantly, my Acupuncturist, Dr. Ken Grey, DOM.

My treatments with Dr. Ken were extremely helpful during this whole ordeal. With his extensive knowledge of oriental medicine and his immeasurable guidance, he has been able to heal me both physically and spiritually. I could not have achieved the level of success I have experienced without his assistance.

As I realize the dream to help heal other's through the telling of our story and the healthful recipes we have to offer, I know how truly blessed I am to have the opportunity to continue to learn from such an accomplished teacher.


I had been treating Carol for an unexplained pain in her lower abdomen. She suffered for over two years prior to seeing me. We were successful in relieving her discomfort and in the process developed a rapport. Then she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and the treatment changed.

The treatments shifted to the acupuncture, dietary counseling, herbal supplements and overall lifestyle change that would help Carol avoid chemotherapy and radiation. All of this would aid in her quick recovery from the radical hysterectomy she was facing. To my delight, Carol was able to stand completely upright the day after the surgery. She continued to progress in a positive manner during her recovery process.

It was her strength, focus and love for food that connected me finally to my literary life's purpose. What we were able to do by combining treatment with her faithful following of my prescribed dietary principals prompted further investigation. I thought to myself with our combined effort we could create a compilation of international and ancient dietary principals that, when filtered through our exciting interaction, would birth a perfect, healthful approach to eating.

Friday September 22, 2017