It’s what everything in life boils down to

Juice & Essence

“Health in Balance” speaks volumes about the way we view life and living. We look at health through a holistic kaleidoscope. For us it is not about subtractions as much as knowing how and where to add the Juice & Essence of life and the abundance it can offer. We promote balance in every sense of the word. Deprivation, excess, moderation, variety and exercise are equally important.

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A case of mistaken identity.

whoshavingmorefunthanus: So, we had this time back in band camp... gotcha! not band camp. We never were in band camp, neither a one! Anywho, there was this time back in the day when the world of printing was new and the road to having our first printed compilation book had us all giddy, starry-eyed, and naive .

Friday September 22, 2017